2022 Volume 1

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Dear Friends,

Throughout my life I have been somewhat resistant to change. I like tradition and feel comfort in things staying consistent. However, I have started to recognize that change can sometimes be a very welcome thing. Especially when it means growth and improvement! Indeed, there has been lots of wonderful change at Resolve New England (RNE) over the past couple years. And you are looking at one of these changes right now!

In 2021 RNE transitioned to a fully electronic magazine, which was exciting. We love the full color, accessibility, and clickable links of an e-magazine. But we knew it could get even better, so now we are using an even more dynamic platform. We hope you enjoy exploring all that this issue has to offer!

And don’t worry, the core parts of our RNE mission will never change – emotional support, unbiased information, and dedicated advocacy!

I love hearing from you so please feel free to email me anytime or write to us on social media!


Kate Weldon LeBlanc, Executive Director

RNE Executive Director, Kate Weldon LeBlanc

In This Issue

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RNE Executive Committee

  • Jennifer Redmond, President
  • Chrissy Hanisco, Vice President
  • Lisa Rosenthal, Treasurer
  • Mary Zanor, Secretary/Clerk

RNE Board of Directors

  • James Connolly
  • Robyn Gallagher
  • Kerry Kavanaugh
  • Jill Kniebel
  • Aprill Lane
  • Ben Lannon
  • LaMone Downey Leonard
  • LeeMichael Mclean
  • Dana Solomon
  • Aaron Styer
  • Catherine Tucker
  • Lauren Wilson

Board Fellow

  • Monique DeSimone

Honorary Members

  • Alma Berson
  • Bonny Gilbert
  • Barbara Wells

RNE Staff

Graphic Design

  • Natalia Velarde
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Editorial Policy

This magazine is a vehicle for fertility and family building news, events, and articles of interest, with a focus on the New England area.

Our readers, both professionals and people who have personally experienced fertility and family building challenges, are encouraged to submit comments and articles.

The editorial team reserves the right to edit all submissions.

Magazine feedback and article submissions can be sent to admin@resolvenewengland.org.

Advertising Policy

This magazine accepts paid advertisements.

We also accept announcements of upcoming events and advertisements from fellow non-profits and those conducting research studies.

The service providers advertising in this newsletter have not been screened or required to meet any specific criteria and have paid a fee to be included. Therefore, advertisements for services/persons/providers should not in any way be considered endorsements or recommendations, either express or implied, by Resolve New England.

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